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Satisfy your taco craving with the best tacos in Brady, Texas

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

While traditional Tacos are almost always served in soft corn tortillas, I can guarantee nowadays that anything goes when defining a “proper” taco. Nearly any filling can be and somewhere probably is, folded inside a tortilla or other wrapping, landing itself in this popular food category. That is what makes this satisfying, grab-and-go cuisine an American favorite. According to, Americans eat billions of these delectable dishes yearly, 4.5 billion to be more exact.

Brady has many choices when it comes to delivering unforgettable fare in this area of cuisine. Check out some of our favorite places to satisfy your taco craving while visiting the true heart of Texas.

Carne Guisada
Carne Guisada at Medina's Mexican Restaurant

Be prepared for a line when visiting Medina's Mexican Restaurant. However, these savory sought-after breakfast burritos are genuinely well worth the wait. The Carne Guisada, pictured here, is a local favorite. This tasty Beef Stew is made with chunks of beef slowly simmered with a blend of seasonings. Let me tell you; It is heaven wrapped in a tortilla!

tacos at taqueria agave azule in Brady texas
Tacos di Birria with served with consome at Agave Azule #2

Wow, oh wow! Taco di Birra with Consume from Taqueria Agave Azul #2 is a must try! Be prepared to dream of them often once you taste this addictive traditional Mexican dish.

Slow smoked brisket taco with green sauce at Holy Smoke in Brady Texas
Brisket Taco at Holy Smoke Food Truck

Simplicity at its finest! These slow-smoked brisket tacos with green sauce are simply delicious! Joe at Holy Smoke is cooking up great things behind his smoker, and these tacos prove it. Tender slow-smoked brisket, need I say more?

Bistek Ranchero Taco at Mi Pueblo
Bistek Ranchero at Mi Pueblo

This traditional Mexican beef steak is pan-seared and cooked to perfection! Loaded with grilled onion, jalapeño, & a tomato base sauce served on a flour or corn tortilla. It truly is a delicious meal to try at Mi Pueblo!

Shrimp Taco at Mi Pueblo in Brady, Texas
Shrimp Taco with avocado and jalapeño ranch dressing at Mi Pueblo

Mexico City Cafe's Shrimp Tacos scream summertime with vibrant and refreshing flavors. The creamy avocado slices are an excellent balance against the crunchy fried shrimp, and the jalapeño ranch dressing on top seals the win. This entree will leave you feeling light and satisfied.

loaded taco salad at Tex Mex in Brady Texas
Taco Salad at Tex Mex

Enjoy full flavors in every bite with this loaded taco salad from Tex Mex. From the first layer of home-cooked refried beans, followed by flavorful beef, topped with traditional fixings, and cradled in a crispy shell.

Taco Bout Fajita Taqueria Fajita Tacos Brady Texas
Fajita Tacos at Taco Bout Fajita Taqueria

Everything is better with cilantro! These fajita tacos blanketed in onion and cilantro are a must-try at Taco Bout Fajita Taqueria. Topped with the spicy green sauce makes them a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fajita tacos.

Fully loaded port tacos at Mac BBQ in Brady Texas
Pulled Pork Tacos at Mac BBQ

Conquer a mountain of flavors at Mac's BBQ with their loaded pulled pork tacos. Don't forget that tasty homemade bbq sauce drizzled on top to make it a memorable meal.

Snack La Cabana in Brady Texas Waffle Tacos
Waffle Tacos at Snack La Cabana

Whoever said you couldn't have dessert before dinner never came across these waffle tacos from Taco la Cabana! Last but certainly not least on our list are these dessert tacos that include everything but the kitchen sink when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth. Vanilla Ice Cream is nestled between a warm, crispy waffle and topped with sweet cream sauce, Nutella, chocolate topping, colorful sprinkles, nuts, cherries, and whipped cream. Willie Wonka himself couldn't have dreamt up a more sensational dessert!

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