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Welcome to Brady,Texas!

Located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Brady sits as the geographic center-the true heart of Texas. With its majestic historical courthouse, rolling green fields, and an abundant amount of seasonal wildflowers. Brady is a spectacular site to visit, linger, and relax. The community's unmatched hospitality makes it a soft landing spot for reconnecting with nature and rejuvenating yourself. Brady is home to award-winning hunting,numerous other outdoor recreational opportunities, and the worlds largest BBQ Goat Cook Off. Bird watchers, photographers, and nature lovers of all types will find their passion in McCulloch County. 

There is much to see and do for both residents and visitors alike. Indulge in a delicious meal at one of the local eateries, take a stroll through one of the parks, or enjoy one of the many attractions. There is something for everyone.

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