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Boondocks had me at Fried Alligator!

Boondocks is a tasty testament that you don’t have to be close to the coast to get great seafood in Central Texas. With a full parking lot every day for lunch and dinner, this restaurant is a popular dining spot for locals and travelers.

As someone native to South East Texas where the seafood is plentiful, and always at your fingertips, Boondocks reminds me of home. They speak my language with menu items such as Étouffée, Gumbo, Boudin Balls, Po-boys, and fried Alligator. Their menu offers an array of fresh fish, a handful of seafood options, and other Cajun-inspired choices. Aside from their daily fish options, which can always be found on the menu, Boondocks features an in-season fish each month that can range from Ahi Tuna, Redfish, Cod, and more.

During this visit to Boondocks, I ordered the Blackened Salmon which is prepared on the grill and cooked to perfection at Medium Rare. The robust cajun spices were nicely balanced atop a bed of steamed, lightly seasoned rice which allowed the essence of the Salmon to shine through. For my side, I chose coleslaw which proved to be the perfect combination! The sweet flavors of this traditional style recipe balanced and complimented the bold flavors of the blackened Salmon.

Next time you have a craving for fresh seafood and entrees with a Cajun Flare in Central Texas, stop into Boondocks in Brady. If you have never had fried alligator…trust the words of a true Cajun, it’s worth the try!

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