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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Big corporations can easily consume locally owned companies when mass production is king. Some small business owners find a niche within their industry—a special something that allows them to compete with these giants. For Tex Mex, a local restaurant in Brady, their "back to basics" approach is a recipe for success. They focus on fundamentals by providing great food alongside excellent service. What more could you ask for next to the best enchiladas in town?

Tex Mex is a small, family-owned, and operated restaurant that has simplified the sometimes complicated process of running a restaurant business. You will not see a large staff bustling around—only Maria in the back of the house and her daughter, Soila tending to customers' needs upfront. You won't find this Restaurant on social media pushing likes and followers to expand its customer base. With 22 years in business, Tex Mex has earned a full house of loyal locals that return regularly. During a lunch rush, anticipate just enough space to settle in at what feels like grandma's table with aromatic flavors billowing from the kitchen. The interior, decorated with a mixture of retro artwork, handmade decor, and hand-sewn curtains, authenticates that at-home feeling while subtle sounds of a '70s game show play in the background below neighboring conversations.

Although there are many options for Mexican-style fare in Brady, Tex Mex's enchiladas are hard to beat! With little to no help in the kitchen, Maria prepares fresh recipes daily from 7 am-2 pm. After visiting several times, I considered Maria was similar to the great Oz, hidden behind the scenes, working her magic while creating these delicious homemade meals. Maria and Soila have developed the perfect ingredients for running a successful small business. Simply put, they focus on the essentials by delivering delicious food alongside fast, friendly service. It is no wonder why locals, myself included, frequent this establishment often.

No matter how much Brady grows, it will never outgrow this hometown treasure. Be sure to stop in for the best Tex Mex recipes in Brady that are simply delicious.

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