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This food truck is a must-try in Brady, Texas

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

You can taste greatness circulating in the air like a dense fog as you walk up to Taqueria Agave Azul #2! This food truck that seems to have arrived overnight, has made a much-welcomed home here in Brady. Upon my first visit, an early line of customers confirmed that this restaurant on wheels had established a swift following since their arrival.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach when I glanced at the menu, coupled with edible air. At this moment, I realized how much I missed pastor tacos blanketed in cilantro and onion, topped with that magical spicy green sauce, since leaving Austin last year. After devouring my mini buffet, I can assure you that the tacos did not disappoint--my stomach had happily hit the jackpot!

There are many choices when considering Mexican cuisine around Brady. However, this location offers a balanced menu where tex mex cuisine meets authentic. As someone who relishes complex flavors, I had a few questions after devouring my robust plate of deliciousness. I made my way back after the lunch rush with a few “need to know” questions in mind. what is the #2 in the name about? Where did this food truck come from? Most importantly, what was that unforgettable flavor in the consome that I submerged my shredded beef taco in?!

Ask and you shall receive! Miriam Correa, the owner, and manager of the Taqueria Agave Azule #2 was nice enough to answer some of my questions. She explained that this is the second of hopefully more food trucks to come. While she manages #2, the original location in Brownwood is overseen by her business partner Juan Martinez. Both owners are no strangers to the service and restaurant industry, and it shows. Each day they commute a total of 1.5 hours from their hometown of San Saba and dedicate 12 hours a day to serving up amazing food.

In regards to the “secret dipping sauce”, Without giving any chef secrets away, you will have to personally taste the consome to understand how wonderful it is.

Try Agave Azul #2 for yourself, but be cautioned that you will be hooked and visit this tasty food truck regularly. The location in Brady is open M-F 7 am-7 pm or Saturday 8 am-4 pm. As for myself, I foresee many pastor tacos topped with cilantro, onion, and spicy green sauce as a welcomed weekly routine.

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