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The World Championship BBQ Goat Cook Off

Have you heard about the World Championship BBQ Goat Cook Off in Brady, Texas? Well, feast your eyes on the most contagious cooking competition in the Lone Star state! It’s the only place where the delicious scent of BBQ Goat fills the air bright and early every Saturday morning on Labor Day weekend.

For 48 years, Brady, Texas, has hosted the largest and longest-running BBQ Goat Cook Off in the United States. With nearly 200 cooking teams competing, this event brings together talent from all around who are eager to show off their skills, take home some cold hard cash and enjoy their well-earned bragging rights.

However, it’s not the cash reward that brings cookers back year after year. Tradition is at the heart of everything at the Goat Cook Off, and it runs deep! Some teams have been competing for 35+ years. This is why it’s an honor to secure a highly sought-after cooker spot at this beloved event.

Whether you have the opportunity to compete or simply want to enjoy watching cooking excellence unfold, you're invited to share in this wonderful time at an event that is more than your everyday Cookoff.

Aside from the cooking portion of the event, attendees can shop at a variety of vendors, showcasing everything from handcrafted jewelry to handmade goat items. It’s a place where you can get a taste of goat cuisine at our featured food vendors and partake in family-fun activities throughout the day. Following the awards ceremony, the main stage becomes the main attraction, where you will experience live performances from some of the biggest names in Texas Country music.

So, if you’re looking for a unique experience this Labor Day weekend, make plans to join us in Brady, Texas, for the 49th Annual World Championship BBQ Goat Cook Off!

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