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Renewed History at the Heart of Texas Depot

Brady’s newest venue is heaping with history and nostalgia!

Brady’s newest venue, The Heart of Texas Depot, is heaping with history and nostalgia! Built-in 1911, the now-retired train station was originally designed for passenger use and later for freight service. Over a hundred years later, this historical location has been renewed once more- this time with some modern upgrades and enhancements to boast about.

The Depot’s current owner, Greg King, has brought this forgotten property back to life with what could be described as a labor of love. Rather than allow this building’s history to disappear, just as The Depot’s beauty had under years of dust from neglect, Greg nobly accepted the challenge to renovate, repurpose, and revive this location. The results are remarkable!

Looking grander than ever before, the Depot commands a lingering look as you pass by the

corner of Bridge and Depot Street, and how could it not! The building’s original beauty still showcases unique characteristics such as corbeled brickwork and segmented arches about the exterior. The newly erected awnings and freshly landscaped grounds are the cherries on top of this already stunning structure. These exterior embellishments are a mere foreshadowing of what to expect once inside, as the impressive attention to detail continues throughout the interior space. More modern updates include a completely new sound system, black-out drapes, blue tooth cameras, a digital regulated thermostat, and a fully functional, commercial kitchen that would make any chief swoon!

Ironically, this historical train station is once again in the business of sending people on journeys, just in a different way. Their first event was a lavish indoor/outdoor wedding that hosted over 150 guests. The Depot transported a loving couple to their new destination as husband and wife. Although the depot is a perfect venue for weddings, the possibilities do not stop there. With 4700 square feet of interior space and spacious outdoor grounds, the depot can accommodate a variety of events.

Brady is honored to welcome this piece of history back to our community as it serves as a one-of-a-kind venue.

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