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D & J's Good Ole Days in Brady, Texas is a gem!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

It's more than your average antique store, it is a must-see destination during your visit to Brady, Texas.

D & J's Good Ole Days in Brady, Texas features rare and uncommon items, antiques, and much more. It is the best antique store to visit in Texas.
D & J's Downtown Location in Brady, Texas
“I wanted our store to be different, the first item we sold was a jar of teeth, we had no idea of the market for oddities at the time”

If you have ever visited Brady, I hope you did not miss D & J's Good Ole Days. You know, the quirky building on Bridge Street that stands out like the weird kid at school in this small town. The store with colorful bikes painted in bold colors that sit atop the facade. The location where Betty Boop is dressed in various whimsical fashions throughout the year, extending a hello to all who pass by. If you still don't know which buildings I am talking about, you are in for a treat! Trust me when I say these two stores are gems in this charming town. If you are curious about what awaits inside, the outlandish exteriors exhibit what you can expect to see at these one-of-a-kind antique shops. Artistic displays that include whimsical combinations of rare objects, antiques, and oddities are displayed throughout, making both locations must-see destinations when visiting Brady, Texas.

The owners, Deanne and Joe, are passionate about the industry of collecting rare and unique items, which shows. "We never dread coming to work. If you love what you do, you never dread coming," Deanne stated during our interview. While sharing stories, Deann's face lights up when she speaks about their most intriguing finds, such as the Mammoth husk that once had a home at D&J's and the group of vampires that visit from Austin yearly. After 8 1/2 years of owning a unique business such as this, how could you not have some great stories to share? DeAnne recalls how they stumbled into selling unusual objects, "I wanted our store to be different; the first item we sold was a jar of teeth. We had no idea of the market for oddities at the time." What started as a dream to open a small antique store many years ago has developed today into an extraordinary journey for the owners of D&J's. This happily married couple of 30 years divides their time between two stores in Brady. Joe's jokes and stories await all who enter the downtown location. While Deanne welcomes customers daily on Bridge Street with her sweet smile and humble gratitude for their business.

Whether you are passing through or staying a while, keep an eye out for these hard-to-miss antique stores in Brady, where there is always something new, strange, or exceptional to see on display.

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